Machine reamers serve to enhance the quality of a hole. The amount of stock removed is minimal. A machine reamers has a short cutting section and is self-guiding within the hole, due to its guide phase.

   Micro reamers
Precision micro-reamers, left-hand spiral. From 0.10 mm 0.50 mm, 1/100 increment.

   Reamers 1/100
1/100 reamers, right-hand cutting with left-hand spiral to works standard (similar to DIN 212).
From 0.5 mm 13.5 mm, 1/1000 increment. Large quantity in stock for fast delivery. If you order before
11 am, they are usually shipped on the same day.

   Reamers with through cooling
Also available in 1/100 sizes. These reamers are right-hand cutting and produced straight fluted to works standard for blind holes. Other versions are available upon request.

   Reamers with right-hand spiral
1/100 increment to works standard specially for blind holes as the chippings are removed from the hole by the right-hand spiral. No clogging of chippings in the base of the hole! Intermediate sizes upon request.

   Reamers with unevenly spaced flutes
1/100 increment, right-hand cutting with left-hand spiral for top quality hole circularity.

   Hard reamers
1/100 increment, right-hand cutting, straight flute.

   Overlength reamers
1/100 increment, intermediate sizes upon request.